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If you find yourself asking either of these questions, “Who Am I & What on Earth Am I Here For?”, this Course is for You and those whose lives you impact! Sure, when we are born physically into this world, our date of birth is established, we are given a name, we grow up, we may, or may not, pursuit higher education. We may get involved in sports, and hobbies, get married, ALL without the knowledge and understanding of our True Identity! What God Placed ONLY in You To bring To the Earth, that Will Not be Fulfilled because, 1. You have never really been taught about your identity as a Creation of God, AND/OR, 2. You thought that you knew who you were and what your purpose was, and started a life journey that has been filled with discontentment, disappointment, and an inner void telling you that there is so much more to Who You are and Why You are here! Students will learn that they are each God’s Truly One-Of-A Kind Creations carrying a Spiritual DNA to fuel and empower them to walk out God’s Purpose and Plans for their lives. This Course will provide insight that will focus your energy, simplify your decisions, and prepare you to Walk In Your Purpose and fully maximize your potential in this Season of Supernatural Open Doors for all of eternity!

Required Student Resources:

1. Holy Bible

2.  “The Purpose-Driven Life”, What on Earth Am I Here For?”, by Rick Warren https://www.christianbook.com/purpose-driven-life-what-earth-here/rick-warren/9780310337508/pd/337508?event=ESRCQ

Access to the Internet to Register and Complete Assigned Course Work.

Student Prerequisites:

*All students must have a individual email address

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